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Hittin' the Gravel
Kyle Tonniges/The Omaha Reader

It's been a busy 12 months for Eddie Spaghetti. The Supersuckers' bass-playing frontman oversaw a handful of live releases by the band as well as an odds-and-ends compilation of 'Suckers tunes called Devil's Food, the group's first DVD, a top-selling download on iTunes with the band's cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya!," Spaghetti's first solo release and touring that took The Supersuckers all over the world, most recently the Arctic Circle.

"We got booked for a couple of festivals in Norway," Spaghetti said of the dates up north. "It was great. It was super-freaky with the sun up all the time. I had never seen that before. You don't realize you're tired for the longest time because the sun's still up and you're not thinking about it, until you're tired. And then you realize it's 1 in the morning." The Supersuckers will be at Duffy's in Lincoln Tuesday, Sept. 13. It's one in a short string of stops as the band makes its way from a Canadian show opening for Pearl Jam to Farm Aid in Chicago.

After Farm Aid, The Supersuckers will re-enter the studio to work on the follow-up to 2003's Motherfuckers Be Trippin'. "We've probably got about eight songs that we've been playing and another gob in people's pockets," Spaghetti said of the new material,
some of which will be appearing on the set list at Duffy's.

Those with a jones for Spaghetti will get another taste of his countrified side with his second solo album, Old No. 2, slated for release in October. A compilation of covers and original material, No. 2 has a richer sound than its predecessor, 2004's The Sauce.
That's due to guitarist Jordan Shapiro, Spaghetti said. "He's a madman. He's great," he said. "Anything that sounds like music on there, that's hard to play - that's him."

The album also features a collaboration with Spaghetti's 4-year-old son, Eddie the Fourth, also known as Quattro. It's a goofy cover of Aerosmith's "Sick as a Dog," with Quattro belting out lyrics over a backbeat. "I was just goofing off with my kid," he said with a chuckle when asked about the song. "We'll dork around on the computer with beats and stuff. This one just sort of happened with my son yelling the lyrics into the computer."
A seasoned road dog, Quattro regularly accompanies the band on tour. "He loves it," Spaghetti said. "He has a good time, and the guys in the band treat him like one of the guys. He gets to hang out and feel like a part of the crew. As he gets older it gets even more fun for him."

08 Sep 2005