Return to Eddie Spaghetti

Serving Spaghetti at Hell’s Kitchen

ERNEST A. JASMIN; The News Tribune
Published: October 14th, 2005 12:01 AM

Supersuckers mouthpiece Eddie Spaghetti is known for rocking the party with loads of punk rock swagger. Meanwhile, his 4-year-old son, Quattro, adds to the cute factor.
Spaghetti will perform songs from his forthcoming solo record, “Old No. 2,” Wednesday night at Hell’s Kitchen. And don’t be surprised if Quattro jumps onstage and steals the show as he did in January at Jazzbones.

Quattro even helped Dad record “Sick as a Dog,” the last song on the new album.

“We just kind of put the music track together in the back of the van when we were traveling,” Spaghetti explained during a recent call to his Seattle home. “We were sitting around and eating breakfast, and Quattro started yelling into the microphone and a song was born.”

So is Eddie Spaghetti grooming a next-generation rock star or what?

Not necessarily. “He’s 4. He doesn’t know any different,” Spaghetti said. “(It’s) another day in the life.”

“He actually wants to be an undersea diver,” he said. “So we’ll encourage that for now. He wants to (do) ‘The Life Aquatic’ with Quattro.”

But if Quattro wanted to be a rock star, Spaghetti would advise him to take advantage of opportunities the Supersuckers might have missed, he said, referring specifically to the days when the Supersuckers began generating a buzz while still with Sub Pop Records.

The Supersuckers created a stir early on. But the band never reached the level of superstardom of other Sub Pop defectors.

“Those are the kinds of moments where, if you are smart, you make a step up,” Spaghetti said.

“We felt really lucky to be on Sub Pop,” he said. “But when you look back and you see how some other bands did – now they’re these household names. And not only will they not have to worry about working, but their children and their children’s children will never have to work again in their life. And you wish you could do those sorts of things for people. But do I worry about it? Nah, I’ve got a good life.”

Spaghetti will perform with a new backing band called the Thing About That – also ’Suckers drummer Mike Murderburger, guitarist Jordan Shapiro and bassist Drew Church.

The new album and Wednesday’s show will highlight the acoustic country sounds the Supersuckers have explored since 1997’s “Must Have Been High.”

Much of the solo material will likely find its way into the Supersuckers’ set, Spaghetti said. And, in fact, his main band recently returned to the studio – fresh off of recent opening dates for Pearl Jam in Canada and a brief slot at this year’s Farm Aid – to begin recording a new album.

“We have tons of songs written. We have some recorded as well,” Spaghetti said. “We’re gonna be a little less afraid to mix it up a little bit with some acoustic songs with some of the rock songs. It’s gonna be a bigger record.

“Right now we’re calling it ‘For Good or For Awesome.’ I’m sure that will change, but it’s good right now.”