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Eddie Spaghetti's solo project wasn't really planned as artistic expression. A friend had some studio time available so he went in and recorded the songs he was writing at the time. "The experience was great," he says. "We spent a day or two more (than usual) in there and it wound up a day or two better."

Eddie Spaghetti
Spaghetti is the original front man for the Supersuckers, a veteran punk country band that combines rock, country and alternative styles. They also just finished a short tour with Pearl Jam. His solo projects are collections of original acoustic songs in the same style of the Supersuckers along with covers of classic artists. "It's got a more Sunday morning vibe as opposed to the Supersuckers' Saturday night feel," he says.

Spaghetti's second solo album, Old No. 2, is four original songs and six covers from the likes of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Willie Nelson. The collection of covers, which span different historical time periods, along with Spaghetti's distinctive country/rock/punk style, give the album a unique feel. "I think at the end there's sort of a strange kind of theme to it," he says. "It's very romantic. It's just kind of neat."

Spaghetti uses the same approach to songwriting for his solo projects as he does for the Supersuckers releases. He says that they're close enough to the same style that they probably would have been Supersuckers songs if he wasn't interested in recording on his own. "They're just songs that I had written recently and I wanted to record to see what they sounded like," he says. "They all turned out really well, so we just kept them."

Spaghetti and the rest of the Supersuckers are currently working on a new full-length album for that band as well. Eddie Spaghetti plays 9 pm, Saturday, Oct. 22 at John Henry's. $8. — Danny Cross