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Eddie Spaghetti serves up 'Sauce'

By Scott Iwasaki
Deseret Morning News

Supersuckers lead singer/guitarist Eddie Spaghetti's sophomore solo album will hit the streets this week, and he will be at Big E's records in Bountiful on Saturday. Immediately following the in-store appearance, Spaghetti will play a solo gig at Piper Down in Salt Lake City.

Stephanie NealEddie Spaghetti's sophomore solo album hits the streets this week. Spaghetti said he had so much fun making his first solo album "The Sauce" that he wanted to do another. "That's basically what happened," said Spaghetti (who has said in the past that his real name is Edward Carlyle Daly III). "I had some time and had some ideas and just went and did it."

The ideas Spaghetti had for the album included another load of covers — Bob Dylan's "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You," Nick Lowe's "Without Love," AC/DC's "Carry Me Home," the Coasters' "Hey Sexy," Tom Waits' "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" and Willie Nelson's "Everywhere I Go" — mixed with Spaghetti's own "All Along," "Some People Say," "I Don't Wanna Know" and "Here We Go."

"I had my eye on the Nick Lowe song ever since I heard Johnny Cash do it," Spaghetti said by phone from his kitchen in Seattle. "That was a long time ago. And I've always wanted to do it."

As for his own songs, Spaghetti — who said the Knack's "My Sharona" was the song that made him want to make music — said they were just lying around. "I had my original songs written up and ready to go,. And they just needed a place."

The recording process was smooth, said Spaghetti. "We would start up a song, and if it wasn't working we'd toss it and go to the next one. That's basically how the album came together."

"Old No. 2" took five days to record. "We had three days of remixing and it was done. We got in, got it out and finished it without any problems. That method is good especially when you have a limited budget, like I did, and when you know what you want."

Although Spaghetti is focused on promoting his own new album, he said the Supersuckers have also started on another recording. "We don't know when that album will be released, but I don't think you'd be surprised if I told you were shooting for June 6, 2006," he said with a laugh.