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Eddie Spaghetti
Old No. 2 / Mid Fi Recordings

The music of the Supersuckers can best be described in three words: drinkin', fuckin', fightin'. This goes not only for the legendary blues-based rockers in full-band form, but also for lead singer/bassist Eddie Spaghetti's alter ego as a honky-tonk country crooner—which is the form he assumes for his new release, Old No. 2. Fans of Spaghetti's first solo album, The Sauce, know all too well that you can unplug his guitar, but you can't strip away the alcohol-fueled aggression and empty shot glass depression of Spaghetti's music.

Until now.

Sure, the drinking references are still there on Old No. 2, as well as the crude, tongue-in-cheek humor (best illustrated on the album cover, which features a scantily clad cutie taking a crap, a tie-in to the album's title, Old No. 2). But missing on Spaghetti's sophomore outing is the depression. It seems ol' Eddie done went and got happy on us.

In fact, it's not until the cocky swagger of the fifth track, a cowboy-up cover of AC/DC's "Carry Me Home," that we get the first two components of Spaghetti's winning drinkin'-fuckin'-fightin' formula. "Carry Me Home" serves it up as a double shot—a jukebox offering fitting of the most desperate 2 a.m. hookup. It's slow-bounce chorus has just the right rhythm to keep time for that sloppy late-night friend-making encounter—or for that lonely gallop home should all those Jacks-with-a-beer-back cause your little cowpoke to fall asleep in the saddle and miss out on the rodeo.

Spanning the gulf between optimistic folk and lonely honky-tonk, Old No. 2, like most of the Supersuckers/Eddie Spaghetti catalogue, is filled with renegade gems, such as the haunting Tex-Mex of Willie Nelson's "Everywhere I Go," the upbeat "All Along" and the endearing "Some People Say." Alongside "Carry Me Home," Old No. 2's standout track is Spaghetti's soulful rendition of Bob Dylan's "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You," the type of song that makes you want to show up at your ex-girlfriend's house drunk at 3 a.m.

I don't know that music serves any grander purpose than that.