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You might know Eddie Spaghetti from his country- punk band The Supersuckers. You might also be aware that he put out a pretty good solo record a couple of years ago called The Sauce. Well, now Eddie the solo artist is back, with a record fittingly entitled Old No. 2. Says Eddie, "I've never been more proud of anything I've ever done. Toot-toot! Is that my own horn I'm blowing? I guess it is."

But Eddie wouldn't be Eddie if he didn't blow some horns besides his own, so he kindly passed along to us the following list of, as he puts it, "My favorite albums from bands you probably haven't heard, but need to know about. Music for people who have embraced rock-n-roll as their personal savior."

Read on, friends, and salvation can be yours.

Electric Six
Senor Smoke (2005)
"Might be the best band in the world right now. This record is everything that rock oughtta be, but isn't anymore. Fun, smart, dancey and really, really funny. I wish I was in this band right now!"

The Hold Steady
Separation Sunday (2005)
"Great 'grown-up' rock. The lyrics are unstoppable -- so good that you're actually glad this guy can't sing! And the rock is 'rawk' in that great, bar-band-wants-to-kick-it-out- even-though-our-singer-wants-to-be-all-arty kinda way. These guys are good despite the fact that the critics like 'em."

Flat Tracker (1996)
"The Seattle band that makes me want to quit. When I first heard this record I couldn't believe they were so good and so from my neck of the woods. The only aggressive punk/metal band you need to know about anymore."

The Dirtbombs
Ultraglide in Black (2001)
"It's hard to pick a favorite from Mick Collins career. He's the man behind all the best garage-rock from Detroit - The Gories, Blacktop and now The Dirtbombs. I know rock-n-roll ain't fair but The White Stripes? C'mon. Even Jack White knows that Mick is the Man!"

The Hangmen
Loteria (2004)
"It's rare that an artist has his best work ahead of him 20 years down the line, but Bryan Small is definitely one of those guys. I first heard The Hangmen in '87 when they came to Tucson and I've been a fan ever since. They totally changed the way I looked at making music. I owe Bryan big time!"

Zen Guerrilla
Positronic Raygun (1998)
"Durant's voice is out of this world and the band is so tight. They never used tuners, even in the studio and they are a perfect train-wreck. This record has me and my wife's 'song' on it - 'Fingers.' It's that kind of good!"

A3 (a.k.a. Alabama 3)
Exile on Coldharbour Lane (1997)
"This is the best 'pretty, country, acid-house music' you'll ever hear. Fake Americana techno-country done better than you'd ever think something that strange could be done."

Old 97's
Too Far to Care (1997)
"I can't tell you how many times I've cranked this one up in the car. It's the best sing-along-at-the-top-of-your-lungs record I own. What a singer and killer tunes with great lyrics. The full meal deal if only they had a lead guitar player to keep up with the song writing."

Lazy Cowgirls
Ragged Soul (1995)
"They ain't girls and they ain't lazy (they've put out at least 10 records in a decade or so), but they do rock and this is their finest moment. Pat Todd always sounds like he's about to burst and he is another true American (buried) treasure."

Lee Harvey Oswald Band
Blastronaut (1996)
"The brain-child of Mr. Rick Sims (Didjits, Gaza Strippers and a brief stint with the Supersuckers) and some crazy, psychedelic-drugged-out-glam-hippy he knows, this is the best David Bowie record he never made. Awesome garage-glam that I'm sure every one of these let's-dress- up-and-pretend-it's-the-'70s-again bands would die to be as good as. I'm listening to this record right now. Track it down!"

Eddie Spaghetti's new album Old No. 2 is available now in the ARTISTdirect Store, as are (most) of his picks.