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Welcome to the Top Five special! I discovered my favorite band when they were mentioned by another artist in an interview. It's natural to be want to check out the influences of your favorite artists and see what inspires them to make the music that you love. That's what this special is all about. We send out requests to tons of bands and labels to have their artists share with us their Top Five Albums of All Time and we have quite a collection of artists from across the musical spectrum that have turned in their picks! In the coming weeks we will be unveiling a new Top Five list three times a week. Lists from big names as well as indie artists will be included, so we hope you enjoy this special and you discover some music in the process. - Keavin (editor

Aug 14th Update: So more people can check out these lists, we're moving to posting one a week along with a staff list. So stayed tuned over the next few months for more Top 5 lists, including special Top 5 song lists and Top 5 Artists lists.

This week we have lists from Supersuckers, Pat McGee and antiMusic's Trent McMartin We start off with Supersuckers Eddie Spaghetti.

Eddie Spaghetti's Top Five Albums of All Time!

5. Women And Children First - Van Halen: After going through the standard sophomore slump, David Lee & Co. deliver the goods. Big time. Sure, Eddie Van Halen is an asshole, but we didn't know that then. I still wish I was David Lee Roth every time we play. A band as bizarre and huge as Van Halen could never happen today and that makes me sad. The Darkness? C'mon.

4. Ace Of Spades - Motorhead: Weird, wild and ready to fly off the rails at any moment, this is the standard by which all hard rockin' degenerates will be judged. It's been awhile since I've really dug into this record, but it's importance to me and my rockin' can never be forgotten.


3. Highway To Hell - AC/DC: This is how rock music is SUPPOSED to sound, look and smell. I go back and forth between this one and "Powerage" but I really think Mutt Lange got it right with them on this record. If Bon would stayed alive for just one more year...

2. Rocket To Russia - The Ramones: The third record by the number one greatest American rock band. It's hard to pick a favorite by these guys and I like just about every one they made, right up 'til the very end of their career, but this one nudges ahead, just barely.

1. Green River - CCR: The second greatest American rock band of all time put out three classic records in less than two years. This one was in the middle of that creative outburst. Just perfect.

About Supersuckers: What can you say about the Supersuckers? A band that has always played by their own rules and in the process became heroes of the underground. A strong dose of melody, part garage punk, one big part party band and even some hard edge honky-tonk are all parts of the collective Supersucker sound. Fans can catch them supporting Pearl Jam starting this Friday (Sept 2nd) through Sept 9th. And be sure to check out Eddie's new solo CD "Old No. 2" which hits stores on Oct 18th, if you pre-order it through the official site (link below) you'll get a bonus DVD!