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EDDIE SPAGHETTI -Old No. 2- Mid-Fi Recordings

Eddie Spaghetti, front man of the band the Supersuckers is set to release his second solo effort and it is a gem. Not too much of a stretch from what you already know and love from his past solo work.
This album features some covers from such artists as Willie Nelson and AC/DC to Bob Dylan, but what stands out is his own material. Eddie demonstrates a side of him that is a little bit more country mixed with some old style rockabilly. This is a pretty solid album and will leave you pleased if you are a fan of the
Supersuckers. If not already a fan and you're searching for something a bit different then the norm you may also want to check this out. I am a sucker for oldies influenced rock and roll/country so I welcome Eddie Spaghetti to my CD collection with open arms. (JK)