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Eddie Spaghettis is probably best known as being one quarter of the legendary Supersuckers. In October of 2005 he released his second solo CD entitled "Old No. 2" and it is a killer CD! It is filled with covers from some of the greatest musicians of our time and even a smattering of original songs from Spaghetti and you need to check it out. Recently I had an interview with Eddie and we talked about everything from his new CD, children, the Supersuckers, Pearl Jam and the booooring band Sleater-Kinney. I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable interviews I've had to date, so I'll just shut up now and let you read for yourself what transpired.

Interview by Jeff Holton

First off, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview.


You have a new CD coming out this month called "Old No. 2" would you like to briefly tell us about it?

This is my second solo record and it's not like I am some high minded lofty artist or anything, but it has a lot of covers on it and I kinda like to do it for fun. I've got a buddy who has a studio in town and if there is ever any extra time he calls me up and asks if I'd like to use it. That's how the first record was born and it did very well. People seemed to like and I certainly like it so I did another one and this time I made up a few more of my own songs so it's not purely a covers record. When it actually came out I didn't have any expectations, but if I had it certainly would have exceeded them because it is super good. The originals on it are actually better than the covers and that is a hard thing because the songs I chose were great songs.

I would agree, I really enjoy the CD a lot!

Cool. Thanks.

How did you decide which covers to do because they are definitely the more obscure songs from some very famous artists?

Well, I do a lot of solo shows and goofing off with the guitar backstage and I will hear a song I like and I think I can learn that and put my stamp on it. I probably have 100's and 100's of these songs that I know over the years and when it comes time to go into the studio, I don't know what makes me choose the ones I choose. I think I just say, "Let's try this one, nope that one doesn't work" that sort of thing.

Do you have a favorite song on it?

Probably "Sick As A Dog" is my favorite (laughs) but I don't think that really counts…but it should, it's special and it's really great! I also really like the way "Carry Me Home", the AC/DC cover came out really well.

I consider myself a casual AC/DC fan and I don't think I am familiar with that song.

It's kinda hard to find, I have been a fan for years and I got turned on to these "lost Bon Scott" recordings a few years ago. There are some bootlegs out there and one is called like "Rare, Rarer, Rarest" or something like that retardedly titled bootleg and there is that song and a song on it called "Cold Hearted Man" that have never been released. They are full on AC/DC songs that Bon Scott sang on. They sound to me like they are Vanda and Young productions so they are probably before the "Highway to Hell days" but I'm not sure.

Yeah I know they have some Australian imports of "Dirty Deeds" and "TNT".

Yeah, y'know like I got those a long time ago and they have some gems on them like "Crab City In Blue" or whatever and these aren't even on those.

Well you definitely picked an obscure one from them.


I see that it took you five whole days to record "Old No. 2" as opposed to the four days it took you to record "The Sauce".

Yeah I know, it's like I'm Fleetwood Mac or something (Laughs).

Was it tough on you physically to put a whole other day into this project? Did you expend a tremendous amount of energy on this day?

(Laughs) You mean was it tough to maintain the stamina for five whole days? Yeah, I don't like to labor over these sort of things. I guess it works for some people. I mean it obviously worked for the "Rumors" record (Fleetwood Mac) cause it is still selling, right? I think you can get a really good sounding thing if you have good players and people understand what they are doing and more importantly, what NOT to try, because that is where all the time is wasted.

Do try to do the same thing with a Supersuckers album? Do you try to get in and out as quick as possible?

Yeah, we tend to do them quickly also, it's a matter of necessity as well as it's a better way to work. We obviously don't have the kind of money to spend months in the studio and wait for something good to happen. But when you are in the studio by yourself it's way quicker because there is no dialog, there is no trying to communicate what is trying to be done, it's just, "I know what I am trying to do here and I am going to do it." But you do lose some of that band spontaneity or that energy you get from other people trying to do other things. It's definitely not a band record but this one definitely sounds a little bit more like a collaboration because of the George Shapiro that he put on there.

You've already referenced "Sick As a Dog" and I see on your web page that your son is becoming quite the musician. He had a huge remake/retake (I'm not really sure what to refer to is as) of the Aerosmith classic

Yeah, I don't know what you would call it; I guess it's just a sample; it's sort of like his "Funky Cold Medina". (Laughs)

I also see he performed with Pearl Jam and the Supersuckers with "Rockin' in a Free World"

Yeah, he had a really good time.

He has quite a resume started for a pre-schooler… Does he or do you have any aspirations for him to be a musician some day? You know some dads want their sons to be football players and what not.

Well right now he wants to be a an undersea diver, so I'll support that (laughs).

Does he usually go on tour with you?

He does, yeah. He just started going to some school recently, so that window of being able to tour is closing in to just summers and vacations. I think it is worth it for him to come out and see what dad does and hang out with the guys. There are a lot of business and social lessons to be learned and I think that I don't think I would feel bad pulling him out of school for a week to go on tour with dad.

That's cool. You don't see that very often in rock 'n' roll

Right, especially at our level, we're not traveling in buses and it's not cushy at all. It's all van travel and crappy bars and yet we able to make it a cool place for a kid to be and I welcome him. I don't like to keep separate lives, I like to have one life and have everyone be a part of it.

You guys (Supersuckers) did a few shows with Pearl Jam recently, did those tour dates go pretty well with them? Do you have any good stories to share with us?

It was great! It was the easiest thing we have ever done. The schedule was easy, the traveling was fairly easy. At the last two shows we had a couple of really long drives, like 10 hour drives, and we had to make it in one day and they gave us their band bus! They were like, "Here, ride the bus", so that was awesome and it was super nice of them and something they didn't have to do. This bus is like following the tour around, empty because they are flying everywhere. So they said, "Why don't you guys ride the bus", so we did and boy was it nice. They were super nice guys, just regular sarcastic band dudes like anybody else. They run their operation like a bunch of idealistic young guys who just started a band and they say all these things like, "If we ever get famous we are going to this, this and this" and that is exactly what they have done.

They're living the dream.

Yeah, they totally are and good for them.

Did you do any East Coast tours with them?

No we only did Canadian shows with them.

We are near Toronto did you do that show with them?

No they got that boring Sleater-Kinney Band to do that.

I'm not sure I am familiar with them.

Good for you!(laughs) I'm mad at them cause they got more dates than we did.

Do you have any plans to tour for your solo album?

I'm gonna do a short little run down the Northwest here and see how that goes. We're really busy with the Supersuckers right now gearing up to record a new record, so that is obviously where my priority is right now. I'd love to see this record do well. Certainly if the demand is there I'll take it on the road.

So the Supersuckers are working on a new CD then?

Yeah we are going in the studio next week and then we are going to go out on tour this December with The Reverend Horton Heat.

Do you have a title or a release date?

No, the working title as of now is "For Good or For Awesome".

You have a unique CD cover for "Old No. 2", who came up with that?

The creative director on the project, my wife, she was also the cover model. It was kind of a funny, we thought it would be funny and sexy at the same time. It's a theme, I have the same cover model for both solo CD's and done by the same artist. It's something I didn't get to do with the start of the Supersuckers career was to have this thematic sort of thing. Kind of like how Iron Maiden had that sort of thing.

You have your own "Eddie", but definitely better looking.

That's right.

What exactly is a Supersucker?

(Laughs) It's come to mean the four guys who are in the band, I think. There has been a supersucker that is a sewage machine or something, like a truck that drives around with this great vacuum power. But I think it has become synonymous with retarded dudes from Arizona who moved to Seattle and kept this little rock band going for years.

Any parting thoughts or last words?

Thanks for helping us out and spreading the word I appreciate it. Go out and buy the new record, it will make this old feller happy.