Return to Eddie Spaghetti

Self proclaimed “Ambassador of Rock, High Priest of Punk, the Potentate of Pop, the Colonel of Country and King of Krunk” and bassist/lead vocalist of Supersuckers has returned with his second solo effort “Old No. 2”. If you are a fan of the Supersuckers or you really got into “The Sauce” then you will not be disappointed because “It’s more of the same for Eddie”. “Old No. 2 is a mixture of originals and cover tunes that have been “spaghetti-ized”. Bob Dylan, Nick Lowe, AC/DC , Coasters, Tom Waits and Willie Nelson have never sounded so… ummm… different. A fan of country rock and honky tonk I am not, but Eddie Spaghetti takes a style of music that I find absolutely annoying and equate to finger nails on the chalk board and makes it fun and listen able. The best song hands down is the classic (I use this term lightly) remake-remix of the Aerosmith song “Sick as A Dog”. In actuality it is not a remake at all, it’s basically the guitar riffs from the original song and the vocals are from Eddie’s son Quattro who carefully crafted some rather thought provoking lyrics like “I got to go to the doctor because I am sick as a dog” and “I feel like crap”. It is a wonderful song to close out the CD. “Old No. 2” is a great CD and like I already mentioned it will appeal to fans of the Supersuckers and Spaghetti’s previous solo CD. If you need something fun, something out of the ordinary and unique then “Old No. 2” is for you.

Reviewed by: Jeff Holton