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Godsmack Frontman Gets Key to the Past
Posted Jan 18th 2007 11:53AM by David Sprague
Filed under: Rock

While the mere sound of Godsmack's brand of nu-metal ordinarily sends us running to double-lock our doors, the powers that be in Lawrence, Massachusetts seem to have a far more trusting attitude -- which might explain their decision to offer that band's frontman Sully Erna the key to their fair city.

Erna, who spent his formative years in the Merrimack Valley town, was presented the key -- which he resisted using to key the pickup trucks of those guys who tormented him in high school -- at a ceremony on Tuesday. Erna got all teary-eyed when accepting the award -- an honor that was arranged by Lawrence City Councilman Nunzio DiMarca, who reminisced that "[even] when he was washing dishes at my brother's restaurant, he's always been a very polished young man." The frickin' Wiccan proved as much by delivering a speech that complimented -- or backhandedly insulted -- the town by noting that "It molded me into the man I have become."

Erna will spill more of Lawrence's dark secrets next month when he publishes his memoir 'The Paths We Choose' -- which we'll be snapping up on audio-book in order to play the drinking game wherein you take a shot every time the Sull-ster wraps his accent around the words "Wuss-stah Mahss."