Motherf--kers Be Trippin'

Our Review:
"I'm Eddie Spaghetti, here to rock your asses steady," the Supersuckers frontman proclaims on his band's latest. And how! Not one to make idle threats, Spaghetti and his Supersuckers compadres certainly put a boot in your behind with Trippin'. After pickin' and grinnin' on 2002's country-fied Must've Been Live, the 'Suckers are plugged back in and celebrating the evil powers of rock 'n' roll with gusto. Raw Motorhead-style metal played with punk attitude by foul-mouthed rednecks is a raucous combination by any stretch. And with nothing on the agenda but liquor, women, drugs and killing (or, in the case of "Bubblegum and Beer," any combination thereof), the Supersuckers aim to leave no one standing. F--k yeah!
Our grade: A-