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American Idol contestant James Durbin has been busy recording his album “Memories of a Beautiful Disaster” and touring since leaving the contest. Durbin has become so much more than an Idol contestant but a true musician who is making a name for himself while on tour with Buckcherry and Drowning Pool. Fans have a lot to be excited about in terms of Durbin’s future endeavors.

How has life after American Idol been for you?

Life after American Idol has been great. Idol was such a great experience, I learned a lot and in regards to my career and gave me such great exposure.

Memories of a Beautiful Disaster did very well since its release, do you think fans got to know the real you from that album?

I think fans have gotten to know a piece of my past. The first record I was more focused on the material talking about the past and how the past affected me. The next record will definitely focus on the future and here and the now. It will be less of my memories and more of what is next. I’m really excited to have my full band with me who will join me in the studio.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I think I draw inspiration from anything really. Recently I’ve been trying to come up with things on the spot and use how in love I am with my life through art and show how fun it is to be on stage and perform with my band. I draw inspiration from the paths of my life, from my family and all experiences good or bad.

Any songs by other artists that changed your life or define a period of your life?

I’d definitely have to say “Dream On” by Aerosmith. I was just talking about that song with my bass player and drummer yesterday actually. About how part of the song is not about the past at all, it’s about the future. I think there needs to be more of that. There really are not many people that can say they haven’t heard that song unless you travel to a third-world country. That’s the power of the positivity of that song and that is what I really like. I think people can really relate to that.

Has music always been the career you wanted to pursue? I know you are a big WWE fan, ever thought about going pro?

Yes I thought about going pro. But my wife said I am a big wuss so I could never do it. Music is definitely what I always wanted and I plan to do it until I don’t want to anymore.

How has being on tour with Buckcherry been?

Being on tour with Buckcherry has been absolutely incredible. I got to play with Evanescence which was really cool. Everything these guys do on stage is so incredible just their showmanship on stage is amazing to watch. The last show with them was definitely an emotional one. Every night and show with them has been amazing. I can’t speak for the guys really but I think we’ve given it a 1,000 percent. I really owe so much to Buckcherry and their fans for giving me this opportunity and I just really wanted to make these guys proud and I think I have.

Next you tour with Drowning Pool, excited?

I’m really excited to join Drowning Pool on tour. I’ve only performed with them once so far so I haven’t learned anything from them yet but I am sure that will change while we’re on the road.

What can fans expect to see from you next? New single, album, solo tour?

After this tour ends we will head back to the studio in September to record the next album and will be there until it’s done. To learn more of the latest and greatest about what we’re up to with touring and recording the next album log on

A few new dates have been added to Durbin’s summer tour, check him out in a city near you.

8/9: Agoura Hills, CA – Canyon Theater 8/10: Universal City, CA – City Walk Universal Studios 8/11: Scottsdale, AZ – Martini Ranch 8/12: San Juan Capistrano, CA – Coach House 8/27: Washington, DC – Kennedy Center Concert Hall