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Where are the 'Idol' winners now?

By David Oliver, for USA TODAY

James Durbin (No. 4)
James Durbin has a lot going on these days – so much so that USA TODAY wasn't the fourth-place finisher's first interview of the day. Album Memories of a Beautiful Disaster came out last November, and he got married New Year’s Eve to girlfriend Heidi. Some of his fellow Idols attended, including Stefano Langone (best man), Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams, who showed up late. “I wouldn’t start the wedding until Casey got there,” says Durbin, 23. “That’s how much I love that strange, sexy beast." In February, Durbin became spokesman for WWE and the Creative Coalition's anti-bullying campaign. “People are able to enjoy (my songs) because I’m enjoying them,” he says. “I become the song.” How does he “become the song” specifically? “I’m up there dancing like a 2-year-old." His advice to future Idols: Don't overthink the performances. “When you’re in that moment, you’ll understand.” Hear a clip from Stand Up:
By Neilson Barnard, Getty Images