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James Durbin is Ready to “Celebrate”
04 Apr 20140
By Lexi Bissonnette

Singer James Durbin, known for his run on American Idol, gets ready to release his newest album, Celebrate, on April 8th.

“I’m just ready for it. I’m just ready for people to hear it because it’s been done for a while, or at least it seems like longer. I’m ready for people to hear it in it’s entirety.”

Fans of his work will still find the songs are pumped up and “still a kick in the face,” says Durbin. But he thinks they’re a little more geared towards radio. “It’s a little bit happier, a little more positive.”

It’s been a few years since fans really got to fall in love with him on Idol and he’s grown both as an artist and in his knowledge of the industry. “When I went on Idol I really didn’t know anything. I was just like okay, let’s sing.”

Now he says it’s about a lot more than just singing. It’s an artistry and one that includes image as well. “You have to learn what to say, what not to say, where to look when the lights go on, how to dress.”

So how does being on Idol compare to the real world music industry? For Durbin it was the best. They were kept busy all the time and he was even told he’d wish for that later on. But he loved his time on idol. “It wasn’t all for music, it was for my family, for trying to make a better life. I’d just lost my job and auditions were two days later. I had nothing to lose, literally.”

James Durbin is no newbie to the stage. Before his career got a jump start with his performance and final four status on American Idol Durbin also spent time in musicals. Durbin has been in Grease, Beauty and the Beast and West Side Story. At this point in time he’s focused purely on the singing career, but “maybe one day down the road” he says he’d return to musicals.

“I’m a family man, a happy husband so I wouldn’t do any roles that would jeopardize that,” explains Durbin. He mentions always wanting to do Jesus Christ Super Star. So, while that may be on the horizon for one day this summer and the rest of the year, Durbin has plans to keep doing what he does best.

“I just keep making kickass music, tour, make more music videos and cool shirts. [I want to play] kickass shows I’ll never forget and make people listen to the music, love the music and buy the music.”

Don’t miss his new release, Celebrate, coming out next week