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James Durbin Rocks Huntington's Paramount Theater

May 19, 2012 Markos Papadatos

A review of American Idol alum James Durbin's May 18, 2012 concert at Huntington, Long Island's Paramount Theater, where he opened for Buckcherry.

On Friday, May 18, 2012, American Idol Season 10 fourth place finalist James Durbin performed in Huntington’s Paramount Theater. He opened for the popular hard rock band Buckcherry.

He commenced his set with “Stand Up,” which showcased his powerful range.

“How are you doing today?” Durbin asked.

He continued with my personal favorite song from his newest album Memories of a Beautiful Disaster “Outcast,” which was upbeat and fun.

Durbin went on to introduce his talented drummer, Jeff Fabb, and noted that Long Island is his hometown so it’s a “very important show” for him.

It was followed with “Deeper,” and remarked that this is “the best show that we’ve had so far.” “You guys are awesome!” he exclaimed.

He invited the audience to put their fists up in the air for his next song, “Liberate” since it was a statement of fighting back for what they believe in. This tune was featured as a bonus track on his latest CD, and it was indeed liberating!

“This next song has been real good to us,” he stated. “We filmed a video for it, and if you know it help us out a bit.” Of course, he was referring to his lead single “Love Me Bad,” which displayed Durbin’s trademark pipes.

Following his well-received performance of his debut single, the crowd showcased their admiration for Durbin and he returned the favor, by saying, “we love you guys too! Thank you very much!”

His next song was a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio, who had passed away two years prior and was one of Durbin’s biggest musical influences. He delivered a moving rendition of “Rainbow in the Dark,” which ranks as one of the greatest metal songs of all-time according to VH1.

“We love you Ronnie,” the Santa Cruz native said after delivering his vocal. “See you in heaven!”

“Give yourselves a round of applause,” Durbin told the Huntington audience. “Rodney is proud!”

He introduced his co-penned “Crawling Home,” yet another bonus track from the album, as a song where one travels the world looking for something that you like, and then you realize that it’s been back home all along.

Just when you thought that the Idol alum could not get any better, he proves the audience wrong by beginning his newest single “Higher than Heaven” acapella, which was impressive enough, let alone the remainder of the vocal.

“We want to thank you from the bottom of your hearts,” Durbin said prior to closing his set with “Love in Ruins.”

“James Durbin put on an amazing concert at the Paramount,” said Theresa Schneider, a fan and attendee. “I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him live!”

The Verdict

In summation, James Durbin gave Long Island a night of rock music to remember! His show earns an “A” rating. He is able to hit the high notes with much ease and showcased his whistle register in several of his vocals.

Although he was always a gifted vocalist, James has improved substantially as both a singer and songwriter since his American Idol days, and has found his niche as an artist in the rock genre. His three electric guitar players (Ty Molinaro, Blake Bunzel, and Dylan Rose) were equally electrifying! This concert is proof that America got it wrong last year: James Durbin was the most worthy contestant of the Idol crown, and anybody who disagrees ought to see him perform live, and they will certainly be blown away!

For more on Durbin, check out his official website.