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James Durbin June 5, 2012

Getting to Know...James Durbin
Monique Steans

An hour ago, I had the humbling opporunity to speak with rock musician, James Durbin, a former contestant from American Idol season ten, now a rock n roll star in his own right. We discussed working on his debut album with some rock n roll royalty, who'd win in an old WWF battle, and what it was like to tour with Buckcherry, so rev up your pedals and join me on this wild ride...

MS: What musicians inspired you growing up?
JD: Older music, the Beatles, Chili Peppers, 80's, hair metal, and melodic rock

MS: Do you think American Idol helped to propel your career?
JD: It definitely helped, its a stepping stone. I've been singing/playing since I was 14/15, I saw it as an opportunity and I took it. Carpe Diem

MS: What was the process like recording your debut album?
JD: The recording process was really quick, after Idol was over, I went on the tour, after that we jumped into the studio and recorded the album within 2 weeks, it was mastered in six.

MS: One of my favorite songs on “Memories of A Beautiful Disaster” is “Love Me Bad” What are some of yours?
JD: “Higher Than Heaven,” “Right Behind You” “Outcast feat. Mick Mars” & “Love In Ruin”

MS: What was it like recording with members of Motley Crue and Sixx AM?
JD: Great, recording was amazing. Mick Mars is the most underrated guitar player, and James Michael is one of my favorite vocalists

MS: How has the reception for “Memories of A Beautiful Disaster” been received by critics/fans?

JD: Great, Rolling Stone, gave it a thumbs up, the album sold 100,000 records, and its really amazing to have fans come out and ask for pictures/autographs, and its really cool that fans sing the words to our songs.

MS: Recently you guys have been on the road with Buckcherry, how do you like it?
JD: It's been really amazing to share the stage with such a humble, down to earth group of guys. They've been doing it for twenty years and we are still learning things from them, we're still
taking it all in. Every night we stay to watch Buckcherry's set.
Our first few shows were tough because of the way were dealing with each other in my own band, we don't have big egos, we have a mutual understanding. Our shows flow really well.We have such a mutual respect and have built friendships with each other as well as Buckcherry.

MS: What's your favorite home-cooked meal?
JD: Turkey burgers and salad with peach olive oil and dark chocolate balsamic vinaigrette

MS: Favorite city to visit on a day off?
JD: I haven't found it yet. I really like being home in Santa Cruz.

MS: What are some things you can't live without while on tour?
JD: My ipod, wifi, Skype, pillow, Power of Now (book), and underwear

MS: Who would win in an old school battle... The Undertaker or Jake The Snake?
JD: The Undertaker, his record is 24-0, I met him this year at the WWE Hall of Fame, he's a really nice guy.

MS: Any advice for bands just starting out?
JD: Know who you are, put in the time and effort. Rock n Roll is who I am, its what I do. Give'em Hell!

MS:Describe yourself in three words.
JD: I'm gonna have Ken help me with these... Enigmatic. Polarizing. Entertaining.

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