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James Durbin Takes Us ‘Higher Than Heaven’ on ‘American Idol’ Stage

by: Jacob Severn

‘American Idol‘ welcomed back James Durbin to their stage tonight (April 12), to sing the new single off his hit record ‘Memories of a Beautiful Disaster.’ Sporting a new platinum ‘do and backed by a traditional rock ensemble, the singer bounced back and forth between pummeling rhythms and high-pitch melodies, working the crowd and stage like a seasoned professional.

Durbin’s new song ‘Higher Than Heaven’ was performed on a stage decked out with skulls and strobe lights, and with a heavy rock aggressive attitude that suits him, James rocked us all. The judges loved Durbin and his backing band, and so did the crowd of screaming fans gathered in the auditorium.

When the performance was over, James was back to his sweet, gentle self. He stuck around to chat with Ryan about his recent marriage, and even said that Stefano Langone was his best man (and that Casey Abrams was late to the ceremony!). The former ‘Idol’ contestant also dished on his upcoming tour, during which he will share a stage with Evanescence, Buck Cherry and more rock luminaries.

Right now, with 100,000 albums sold, James Durbin is the best he’s ever been, and only getting better.

Watch James Durbin Perform ‘Higher Than Heaven’ on ‘American Idol’