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James Durbin Does Test Screams During Q104 Interview

by: Amy Sciarretto

Listening to a lot of Rob Halford — frontman for Judas Priest and known as the “Metal God” – is how James Durbin learned to perfect that high-pitched wail that made him such a standout on Season 10 of ‘American Idol.’ The Durbs talked to Q104 DJ about his upcoming album, ‘Memories of a Beautiful Disaster’ (out Nov. 21), and how to deliver those epic high-pitched screams.

Durbin submitted to a radio interview at Q104, revealing that “I am a big fan of heavy metal, but this isn’t a heavy metal album.” Durbin’s love of rock does inform his style on the album, but he doesn’t turn in something too aggressive or too foreign for the fans he collected during his run on the hugely popular (and mainstream) show and on the summer ‘American Idols Live!’ tour.

Durbin sweetly admitted that he makes music for the best reason: to affect people! “The reason I wanted to do music in the first place is to try to move people with my interpretation of songs and songs that I write,” he said.

With his fingerless gloves and scarf, he was prepared for the cold fall day, and even showed the DJ how to do the high-pitched screams. He did a few “test screams,” if you will, leaning far back in his chair. Yeah, we didn’t even attempt test screams; we can’t go that high, so we just enjoyed Durbin’s examples. He also dubbed the NFL-approved song ‘Stand Up’ as one of those “windows down, bass up” songs.