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'American Idol' Alum James Durbin's Gift to Conan O'Brien: A Conan the Barbarian Cartoon!

By Rana Meyer

Photography by: James Durbin/Getty Images

James Durbin had a life-long dream come true last night when he performed on the Conan O'Brien show. A day he had always been waiting for.

"That’s the one show I wanted to perform on. I got to play with the house band on Leno. I got to sing with Randy Jackson and Jimmy Fallon. I got to perform a cover song on Ellen. But Conan was it," revealed the singer.

"I feel like I’ve made it if I performed on Conan. They have the bands that I haven’t heard of before. Bands that bring something new. I was honored to be on there. It was so cool."

The rocker performed his single "Love Me Bad" on the talk show as he is on a promotional tour for his new album, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster.

And the American Idol alum, who came in fourth place last season, couldn't contain his excitement when it came time to talk to the host himself. "Right at the end, I couldn’t stop saying how happy I was. I drew him a picture of his face on Arnold Schwarzenneger’s body as Conan the Barbarian. I hope he liked it. It was made with love," says James.

What do you think of the drawing? Do you think Conan liked it?