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James Durbin - Celebrate

From start to finish this album is quite incredible, Every lyrics is done justice by the awesome vocals of James Durbin. In my opinion not alot of former American Idol contestants release anything truly great after their debut album, So with this album I truly have to ad James Durbin to the list of those who did. This album is all-around greatness, Every song tells A different story however every story is followed by another. I personally feel that This album will be one of my favorites for ever. The lyrics are beautifully written, The Vocals are damn near perfection and the instrumentals are very fitting to the lyrics & follow the vocals perfectly.In the end I will say listening to this album I am truly proud to say I have been A fan of James Durbin since he was on American Idol and will continue to be A fan for the rest of my life.

Standout Tracks: Fool For You, Loud Like A Loaded Gun & Real Love

Overall Rating: 8 / 10