Return to James Durbin






James Durbin, the man who brought heavy metal to ‘American Idol’ last season, has released the new song ‘Stand Up,’ which is featured on the ‘Official Gameday NFL Music Vol. 2' EP.

It’s quite a stadium-ready anthem. Not so much in that Durbin could and should fill arenas at this point, but that this song should be blasted through any and all baseball stadiums throughout October for the MLB playoffs or at football arenas until the Super Bowl gets here. It’s adrenalized, fist-pumping rawk!

Thunderous, chunky rhythms propel the song and Durbin’s got total control over that wild voice of his! Durbin attempts to rouse crowds by singing, “It’s time to see you stand up / Let me see your hands up / Want to hear you shout it out / Tell me that you’re ready to go.” Can’t you just imagine rows full of fans in ball parks doing the wave to this song?
It’s a big, bold, riff-fattened anthem, steered down the fast track by the Durb’s high pitched wail. He’s got the young Rob Halford thing down pat. Durbin’s rock ‘n’ roll career is a powder keg and it’s ready to blow, courtesy of ‘Stand Up.’ He’ll will release his debut album via Wind-up Records in November.