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'American Idol' Season 10 Alum James Durbin Kicks Off Tour at Hollywood's Famed Viper Room (Video)

Following a busy week that included an appearance at Revolver's Golden Gods Awards and a rousing live performance on the "Idol" elimination show, the Santa Cruz native brought the rock to the Sunset Strip.

4:19 PM PDT 4/13/2012 by Portia Medina

Shrills of excitement rippled through the crowd at the Viper Room in Hollywood, Calif. as soon as the audience feasted its eyes upon American Idol season 10 finalist James Durbin. Mere hours after performing on the show that made him a household name, he popped into the venue nonchalantly and under the velvet curtain to set up for the first show of his two-month tour. And what a rocking kick-off it was.

Everyone from Idol-loving elders to young metal kids filled the 250-person capacity room. Openers included LA rock band Vayden and Wisconsin blues rocker Jared James Nichols, but hot on the heels of his televised live performance, it was all about Durbin as fans sang along to every song and snagged four custom made "James Durbin" white bandanas with orange skulls on them that were made especially for the Idol gig.

"This is one of those days you come back for more, you just beg for it," said Durbin as the band broke into the song appropriately titled "Back For More." Durbin's signature high notes were so fierce, they practically tore through the Viper Room's monitors and speakers. The rocker also elicited cheers throughout the night as he blew kisses to his wife and credited her with helping him fulfill his dreams.

Indeed, following his Idol performance of "Higher Than Heaven," Durbin's debut album Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster shot up to the top of the iTunes charts. "We just watched our album go from No. 130 to No. 5 all thanks to the fans," said Durbin from the stage.

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The band ended the night with the song “Stand Up” and an encore of “Love In Ruins” after which Durbin confessed that, with the Idol performance behind him, he finally felt like himself again.

The show capped off a busy week for the Idol alum who along with his band, attended Revolver magazine’s Golden Gods Awards on Wednesday. Durbin was nominated for best lead vocalist, but lost to Wind-Up Records labelmate Amy Lee of Evanescence.