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James Durbin talks new album, American Idol farewell season SPECIAL

By Markos Papadatos Jul 14, 2016 in Music
Santa Cruz - Rocker James Durbin chatted with Digital Journal about his brand new album "Riot On Sunset," and he reflected on the "American Idol" farewell season.

Regarding the song selection for his new album, Riot On Sunset, Durbin said, "The good thing about this album is that the only songs that I selected were 'Smackdown' and 'We are the Unknown,' which was submitted to me a while ago, during the beginning stages of my second album. I definitely know that I needed to include 'We are the Unknown' on this new project. I went to a writing session for 'Smackdown.' I wrote and co-wrote seven out of the 12 songs on the album, so that was a special feeling."


His plans for the future are to tour as much as possible and to write new material. "I want people to hear this album as much as possible, and keep writing and recording better and better songs," Durbin said.

A Santa Cruz native, Durbin was privileged to be a part of this year's American Idol farewell season's finale performance. "That was totally awesome. It was very cool to have that closure with everybody that was involved with it. After the show was over, I just stood on the stage until everybody had cleared out, and I happily reflected on the whole experience and everything that had happened. That was the best way to lay it to rest," he said.
To check out his song "Smackdown" on iTunes, click here.

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