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Review: American Idol's James Durbin charms on new album 'Celebrate' SPECIAL

APR 8, 2014 IN MUSIC

On April 8, American Idol alum and rock music sensation James Durbin released his newest album "Celebrate," via his record label, Wind-Up Records.
Durbin co-wrote 10 out of the 11 songs on this collection, displaying his prowess as a songwriter.
His CD opens with the melodically-stunning "Children Under The Sun," which is lyrically and sonically captivating. The background vocals on this tune are pure ear candy. He really paints a picture in the minds of his listeners with such lyrics as "Along the way I stopped at the ocean, to swim with the dragons in the concrete water." It would make a good choice for a future radio single.
It is followed by the lead single "Parachute," whose beat is slightly reminiscent of Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me." In the song, the narrator showcases his fearless and vulnerability and wanting to go back to his former lover after realizing how valuable that person was to him. "Parachute" was an effective way for Durbin to present to the world what to expect from his new album.

"You Can't Believe" is heavier than the first two tracks, but it is a solid and distinct tune, meanwhile "Issues" is a soothing vocal performance by Durbin that ought to be enjoyed for its beauty and simplicity, especially since it showcases his versatility as an artist. "Food For You" is mid-tempo and he nails the spitfire song "Louder Than a Loaded Gun."
"Live Right Now," the sole track that he did not write for the album, is an optimistic tune about living for the moment, but by the time it is over, the listener will be convinced that Durbin wrote it himself. The acoustic ballad "You're Not Alone" is equally hopeful and noteworthy.
"Forget It" is a tune that his fans can easily sing-along to in his live shows, whereas the title cut "Celebrate" has an ambient vibe to it.
"Real Love" is a slow-paced, yet elegant tune and a quintessential way for Durbin to conclude his album.
The Verdict
Just as its title says, James Durbin's new album is indeed a "celebration" of great rock music. There is no sophomore slump on James Durbin's latest studio album. Particularly impressive about this record is that it has an organic vibe to it and that it is not overproduced. He is not afraid to take risks and it is safe to say that these risks have paid off for him. He is one of the finest male vocalists to come out of the American Idol competition, and along with Adam Lambert, especially since nobody can hit higher notes than either of these singers. Fans ought to do themselves a favor and "celebrate" this record by purchasing a copy of it. His CD garners an 4.5 out of 5 stars.
For more information on rocker James Durbin and his new album, check out his official website.

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