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Interview with James Durbin from American Idol: 'Parachute' SPECIAL
By Markos Papadatos
Dec 5, 2013 in Entertainment


Rock singer James Durbin and former American Idol alum chatted about his new single "Parachute" and his upcoming studio album "Celebrate."
On his new single "Parachute," he remarked, "I have been working with my producer, Scott Stevens, and we had written a few songs together, and out of nowhere, one day I went in to the studio and he showed me the song and I loved it. We finished it together and worked on it and played it for the label and management and everybody loved it, and then boom, it became the single."

Durbin continued, "I have been writing for the past year and a half for this record, but I wasn't satisfied with it. I looked at the game plan again and talked to management and the label and let them know my thoughts and we re-gathered ourselves and went in a new direction. We got together with a bunch of different songwriters and gave it a fresh start. I ended up writing a lot of songs that really hit me a lot more and some of them were drawn from my own personal experiences that happened when I was kid and growing up in Santa Cruz. This record is from a different place."

He noted that being a father also affected his songwriting process for this new album. "I love my son Hunter and I know that he loves all my songs and the demos. It's a good feeling knowing that it is good music."

Durbin revealed that he sat down and listened to the whole record last night and he listed the opening cut "Children Under The Sun" as his personal favorite song on there. "All of the songs are very organic and very personal to me. Each song has its own great story," he said.

Although he wrote every song on the album, with the exception of "Live Right Now," he dubbed it as a really "killer song."

This year, Durbin was a part of the American Music Awards' red carpet. "It was amazing. That was so cool. I got to be there with my wife and my otherworldly publicist," he said. "I looked really sharp and it felt right. It was something I dreamed about for a long time: to be able to be in the music industry and to have a fighting chance with a killer single and an outstanding album. It was definitely a blast and we got to stay and watch the show. It was so cool. There is nothing like actually being there."

He shared that he cannot wait to get back out there with the band and play new music for the fans.

Durbin concluded, "I love the new single 'Parachute.' So far the response has been awesome. I haven't heard a bad comment yet. For the ones that are in it for me and the music, it means the world to me that they buy it and listen to it."

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