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Durbin En Fuego
There’ve not been a lot of rock breakouts from American Idol, but there’s also not been rockers like James Durbin. The singer’s new album, “Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster,” arrives tomorrow, and the video for the lead single “Love Me Bad” just debuted last week. “It’s a love song with a feeling of regret behind it,” says Durbin. “And the reason why I’m able to sing the song is I’ve got no regrets of past relationships or anything like that, so I’m not singing from a personal experience on that level, but the way I’m able to sing it is because every time I have to leave or go on business or be away from my family, there is that love loss that I’m feeling regret over and it’s easy to find that spot in my heart.” Durbin’s clip for the track is gaining some attention with its fiery look. “We shot it in a dry lake bed,” says the singer. “I got a message from Mick Mars when we were out there that Motley Crue filmed the ‘Dr. Feelgood’ video out there, the desert parts with the fire and everything. And we had plenty of fire if not more than they did, which was complete coincidence.”