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Rip, Read, And Rock

Durbin Finds The Balance

There were some expectations that come with being an American Idol contestant, but there were others set by how much James Durbin went against the norm with his dedication to rock music during his run on the talent competition. The singer tells us he feels his debut disc is something that will draw both hard rock fans and keep those he earned via his appearance on the show. Durbin tells us, “The thing with the first record, ‘Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster,’ is it’s approachable. You know those songs are heavy, but they’re not too heavy to where some of my older fans couldn’t listen to it and still get something out of it.” The disc amps up the rock on the album opener “Higher Than Heaven,” as well as his current rock single and album closer, “Stand Up,” while his other single, “Love Me Bad,” was more for the mainstream fans. “Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster” is out now.