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James Durbin talks his new album, 'American Idol' and wedding plans

12/11/2011 by Nichole Hamilton

James Durbin, known for finishing in fourth place on season 10 of "American Idol," talked to recently about his new album, getting married and living with Tourette Syndrome.

Durbin, 22, may not have finished at the top spot in the popular singing competition, but he has certainly claimed a stake in the music world. The musician released his first album on November 21. The record, "Memories of a Beautiful Disaster," features Mick Mars of Motley Crue and popular rock-songwriter Marti Frederiksen.

"It's a rock record, it's a hard rock record," Durbin told "It's got some heavier tunes on there. I wanted to ease on in to it, just ease on in to it, little by little. Second album? Who knows what a mess of craziness that's going to be. But for this album, I took what I loved from the music that I listen to."

Durbin went on to talk about "American Idol" and while the show helped him gain him exposure it also stifled his individuality a bit.

"After 'Idol,' making my album - I'm going places," Durbin said. "Even just going to the grocery store you get talked to by a bunch of people. It's so much different, it's so much more personable. I actually feel like a human being, rather than when I was on the show, I just felt like a marionette."

The rock artist also aims to raise awareness about disorders that he has battled since he was 10 years-old: Aspergers and Tourette Syndrome.

"My thing was, and is, that if this is the way that I'm supposed to be, then I'm supposed to be that way and it's for a greater purpose - it's for a reason," Durbin said. "And now I know what that reason was: it was to go on 'American Idol' and tell the country, tell the world; you know it's syndicated all over the world, what Tourette's and Aspergers are. And how it's possible to function in society and live your dream and not let anything hold you back - you know it's possible."

As if Durbin didn't have enough on his plate with his new album out, he's also planning a private wedding with his fiance Heidi. He gushed about the upcoming event, saying it would be "just for us."

"It's up in the middle of nowhere, away from everything," Durbin added. "It's back home in Santa Cruz. It's just going to be so perfect. We wanted to so it small and just have our closest friends and family - you know and it's just it's our day. You know? It's not for anybody else - we want to share it with our friends and family, but it's for us."