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INTERVIEW: Iconic Rocker Cherie Currie Talks New Star Studded Album

Ryan Vandergriff 1 week ago

1.)    It’s a real privilege to be speaking with you today, Cherie. Before we jump too far down the proverbial rabbit hole, how have you been doing during these uncertain times?

Doing great! Feel thrilled to have the record out finally!

2.)    A heart congratulations and mucho kudos are in order for you and the April 28 digital release of your new album, Blvds of Splendor. Is it a bit nerve-wracking to be releasing an album in this format at this particular moment, or does the album seem to be exactly what people might need right now?

I absolutely believe so! All things happen for a reason and now ppl have more quality time to appreciate some great Rock and Roll.

3.)    I love the title of the album, Blvds of Splendor. Is there a story behind the title that you can share with Vents readers?

Well, it’s one of my favourite songs on the album written by the great Billy Corgan!

4.)    Blvds of Splendor has had a long gestation period, going back to 2010 and was originally set for a 2016 release until you suffered a bad accident. Can you briefly talk to us about that accident and if such a traumatic event inspired you to sort of tonally shift what you had originally planned for the release?

I carve doing an on-site carving on a scaffold and all I remember is carving the foot of a bear and the next thing I remember is opening my eyes to see the face of my client who happened to be a retired trauma surgeon from Ceders-Saini Hospital and I had bags of ice on my face. The scaffold had collapsed and I fell face first onto the cement. Don’t remember the fall at all but I broke my tailbone on the scaffold on the way down, cracked my skull and had some facial paralysis for about a year.. but I finished the carving!

5.)    Obviously chainsaw carving is an important aspect of who you are, even after your accident. What is it about the chainsaw that means so much to you? Is it another form of communication and even a form of catharsis for you?

It’s a calling. A gift I received by listening to that inner voice after I saw a couple of guys carving on the side of the road near Malibu over 15 years ago. It’s a unique art form that I was born to do. It is a soul healing thing for me. Absolutely.

6.)    Blvds of Splendor received a 2019 – 180 Gram Translucent Red Vinyl release. Did you know then that an eventual digital release would be in the cards?

There had been talk but truthfully I had given up hope that it would ever be released. I’ve learned to continue on, never put your eggs in one basket and if by chance the stars align, I’m blessed. Luckily the timing was now right and he we are.

7.)    What are your thoughts on strictly digital release versus what used to be the more standard physical release on compact disc?

Times have changed. There are alot of people that prefer digital now and I know there are people that would like a physical CD but we don’t know if that will happen.  For now, it’s strictly digital release.

8.)    Will Blvds of Splendor receive an eventual cd release?

Don’t know. I guess that would depend on the success of the digital release. Hopefully people really dig the record!

9.) Blvds of Splendor features an all-star Who’s Who of the music world including such talents as Slash, Billy Corgan, Juliette Lewis and Matt Sorum. What was it like for you as an artist to work with other such gifted artists and what do you feel they brought to the table, recording-wise?

I have to tip my hat to Matt Sorum. I’m just a chainsaw carver from the San Fernando Valley. Matt opened his star studded phone book and asked his friends if they wanted to be a part of this record.. lucky me, they said YES!

10.) The so-called “theme-album” is harder to find these days with so many musicians opting for self-contained tunes with no real overarching story or idea, although they are a thing of beauty when done right. Would you consider Blvds of Splendor to fall into the themed album genre, or do you feel it might defy any typical sort of labeling by pundits such as myself?

Ummm. I don’t over think great music. If the song is good, do it.

11.)  The digital release of Blvds of Splendor features three bonus tracks not found on the limited vinyl press run, including one that must be quite close to your heart; a reinterpretation of The Runaways gem Queens of Noise that serves as a de facto tribute to the legendary Runaways drummer Sandy West. Can you talk a little bit about deciding to include this tribute to Sandy on the album and why the inclusion of it is so important to you?

Sandy West was my best friend. She is terribly missed and always will be. Everything I did before her death she was a part of. That doesn’t just stop. I’ll always keep her memory in the forefront. The fact that Matt paid such homage to her excellent powerhouse playing really makes me smile. Sandy lives on through Matt on that song like she lives on in the hearts of those who loved her so much. She’d be proud.

12.)  The word ICON is often – deservedly – used in conjunction with your name. How does that make you feel?

Proud but also a little silly.. we were just out there making a point. That girls kick ass. I’m just grateful that ppl remember us.

13.)  You’ve seen a lot of change in the music industry over the years. What is the biggest, most seismic change the industry has undergone in your opinion?

Rock and Roll is not just a mans game anymore. Music is also a calling and I’m so glad women have followed that calling as well.

14.)  Is there anyone that musically inspires you, someone that recharges your own creative juices when you give them a listen?

I’m a classic rock kind of gal. I grew up with the greatest music and rock bands ever. Too many ground breakers to mention but Suzi Quatro, David Bowie, Elton John, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, Don McLean, Gordon Lightfoot… I could go on and on! I’m not even scratching the surface. Best music ever to grow up with.

15.)  Final (Silly) Question Time: You’re stranded on a deserted island. What is the one rock bio-pic you bring with you to watch while awaiting rescue?

Depends on how long I’d be stranded. Hell, I’d read a memoir from all the names above!