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Musician Profile: Cherie Currie (ex. The Runaways)

Published on July 6, 2015 by Steph Castor

Even after spending a good portion of early adulthood as a Runaway, there some things that you realistically just can’t run away from. Vocalist Cherie Currie from the historic all-female rock band known as The Runaways took some time to talk about her three tattoos, permanent life experience, growing up and out of oneself, and what it means to forget a former self and become reacquainted. Sometimes, when it comes to body art, less is more. A bolder statement is made, and it speaks louder to you the longer you live with it. Here is what Currie had to say about her favorite ink:

How old were you when you got your first tattoo, and what was the reason behind it?

I had just joined the band The Runaways. I wanted a tattoo. I could visualize a cherry on the front of my right shoulder so I asked my twin sister Marie to draw it on me, symbolizing our song “Cherry Bomb.” After a few tries it was perfect, so I wanted to make it permanent. I asked Joan (Jett) if she wanted to come with me. We went to Sunset Tattoo, which is now legendary, and she got a jet tattoo and I got my cherry. I had just turned 16 years old.

Pick 3 of your favorite tattoos and describe them/tell us about the history of each one.

I only have three, though I should have more since my son, Jake Hays, is a tattoo artist. I was the first human he tattooed. I wasn't worried. He had tatted many oranges before he felt he was ready for a real live person.

My Jake fairy, 1996. The photo I am sharing is my second tattoo on the outside of my right ankle which I got in 1996. It's a redheaded fairy child which I thought looked so much like my son. It's my favorite. Little did I know that baby boy would grow up to produce my latest record. My Indian feathers on my left outer ankle, 1998. I have always loved the native culture and have been drawn to it all my life. My home is Native American.

What is the most ridiculous tattoo you have ever seen?

I really couldn't say. Some may not be my taste, but I feel it’s so personal that who am I to say anything. Whatever floats your boat.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

My son, Jake Hays! Even though he is now in the music biz full time (he just signed a record deal with his band Maudlin Strangers), I hope he comes back because I need him to freshen up my tattoos!

What is the next piece of work you would like to have done?

I've been asking myself that question for years now. It'll hopefully present itself to me someday.

Have you ever gotten a tattoo that you regretted? Describe.

I regretted my Cherry tattoo in my late 20's. I'm the only one of my siblings that had a tattoo. I was trying to find myself (again) and thought that wasn't me anymore. I was getting married and had lace sewn over my tattoo so no one could see it. We always doubt ourselves at times throughout our lives. I don't regret it anymore.

Check our Currie’s first album in 35 years titled ‘Reverie’ and produced by her son, Jake Hays, of Maudlin Strangers. Visit Currie’s Facebook page for more info on the recently released album and her upcoming UK tour.