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'Runaways' Director: Kristen Stewart's And Dakota Fanning's Make-Out 'Will Cause An Explosion'
Posted 1/15/10 1:28 pm ET by Terri Schwartz in Movie News, Movies, Twilight Forever!

It's no secret that Kristen Stewart and Joan Jett became really close while the former was filming the latter's biopic, "The Runaways," but it seems like costar Dakota Fanning got pretty tight with the former rock star she was embodying as well: Cherie Currie. Some photos of the two at Cherie's 50th birthday party popped up on her Facebook about a month back, and we've got to agree with one of the comments on it: Cherie easily could have played herself in the film. Fifty years young, lady!

On to some actual news: The Los Angeles Times (who has been giving us plenty of good stuff in the past week, I might add) is running an article in their Sunday edition about "The Runaways," which debuts at Sundance the week after. And yes we do think it's awesome that this article is from the future (yup, it's dated Jan. 17!)

It doesn't contain too much new information about the film, but the LA Times seemed to have gotten pretty up and personal with most of the cast and crew when they did their set visit a couple months back (Kristen and Joan declined to comment for whatever reason). Turns out what we've been referring to as a "biopic" isn't so much a straight history of the evolution of The Runaways, but more a character study of Joan and Cherie's characters.

"It's about 15-year-old rock stars, the rise and fall of kids," producer John Linson said. "We're trying hard not to let that get taken away."

LA Times also asked Dakota the question she seems to be asked every time she doesn't do a movie about sunshine and rainbows: Is this her film to break her out of the "child actress" mold, and her response is brilliant. ""I want to continue to act for my whole life," she said. "Eventually, everyone will have to let me grow up, somehow, some way. I'm just trying to let that happen as naturally as I can."

One of the many things that is sure to cause a stir from the film is the reported make-out scene between Dakota and Kristen. Writer and director Floria Sigismondi said, "In 'Edgeplay' (Cherie's memoir), Cherie mentions that Joan is really good in bed. I thought, 'I have to pry into this a bit. It will cause an explosion in the film. Why not go there?' "

It certainly will cause an explosion for all those used to watching Kristen make-out with her "Twilight Saga" costar, Robert Pattinson. We can only imagine what will happen if she goes farther onscreen with Dakota than her chaste kisses with Edward Cullen. Maybe "The Runaways" is moving up on our list of things to be excited for in 2010 already.