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Miz Cracker became an instant fan favorite after competing on the 10th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. So much, in fact, that she was asked to come back for All Stars 5. After another wild ride of sashaying down the runway, the New York City queen is taking the opportunity to reflect and share some new projects with the world.

Beginning December 7, Miz Cracker will start the week off with her brand-new She’s a Woman podcast where she will talk with incredible women from around the world about their achievements. The podcast will include good news for the week, an interview with a special guest, and information about the upcoming She’s a Woman 2021 tour that is scheduled to kick off this coming summer—hopefully.

In October, Miz Cracker released her debut single and music for “She’s a Woman,” which now has over one million views. Plans to release more music are in the works, and we can expect two new Jewish holiday songs to be released during Hanukkah. The Matzo Mama herself has no plans to slow down any time soon.

Amid a packed schedule, OUT FRONT had the opportunity to chat more with Miz Cracker. Fun, energetic, and quick-witted, she talked more about her upcoming She’s a Woman projects, holiday memories, some of her favorite foods, and her overall experience on All Stars 5.

Hi, Miz Cracker! Thank you for taking some time to chat with me. You have a ton of projects in the works, but I would like to begin by talking more about your “She’s a Woman” tour that is scheduled to kick off next summer. Is this replacing the “American Woman” tour that was supposed to happen this year?
Yes. Quarantine postponed everything for so long. “American Woman” is, like, two years old now, so we are bringing something brand new.

What can audiences expect?
New comedy, new music, new videos, and it is going to be a full drag extravaganza. It’s all about making fun of me and some of the idiot things I have done in my life, and how I got from being a complete mess to embracing the fact that I am a complete mess. I think we live in these times where everything is so dark, serious, and tense. We need to laugh, and who is someone we can safely laugh at? Oh, me.

What do you enjoy the most about performing in front of a live audience?
I think my answer would have been different before COVID because I did not appreciate it as much as I do now. My favorite part of performing for a live audience is just the energy that they give you, and the way they give you an instant report card on which joke works and which doesn’t. The audience’s laughter is the most honest teacher.

In October, you released the single and music video for “She’s a Woman.” How has it been received?
“She’s a Woman” has done so well. It has gotten over a million views, and I am very proud of her. This is my first single ever. My mom told me that if I stopped drag after the “She’s a Woman” music video, then that would be fine because it really sums up everything that I love and that I do.

You have two new Jewish songs set to be released during Hanukkah. Can you tell us more about that?
Yes! We are releasing these two Hanukkah singles, and the first one is “Eight Days of You.” It is about my loving friendship with Juju, and it is a little duet we wrote together. The second one is “Get Me the F%#$ Out of Here,” which is all about hating being with family on holidays.

Do you hate being with your family during the holidays?
Let’s just say that I have plenty of stories to bring to the song.

How do you typically spend the holidays?
I take all the holidays I can. I take Hanukkah off; I take Christmas off. I typically spend the holidays on the road, but this is not a typical year. So, who knows what is going to happen?

Do you have a favorite holiday memory?
Do I have a favorite holiday memory? Yes. One of my favorite holiday memories is my mother making latkes for everybody on Hanukkah. Like, welcoming everyone to our house and everyone oohing and ahhing over her amazing latkes because she does them with oil the way you are supposed to, instead of baking them. They are so great.

Another project you have coming up is the debut of your She’s a Woman podcast on December 7, correct?
Yes. The podcast is a very inclusive set of interviews with women of all kinds, from every walk of life. Comedians, bookstore owners, bakery owners, detectives, all kinds of incredible people. Basically, it is a little view into what it is like to be a woman in the world today. What that means, and all the amazing things that women contribute. It’s funny, sad, there’s all kinds of emotions that run through it. I am addicted, and I cannot stop doing it.

Who are some women who truly inspire you?
Women who inspire me include people like Virginia Woolf. People that say what they feel and what they mean very boldly without flinching. So, I try to do that in my life.

What is the significance of titling all these projects “She’s a Woman?”
“She’s a Woman” is one of my tag lines. It’s like my rallying cry. It’s how I start every day. Like, before I got on this phone call, I was like, She’s a Woman! It wakes me up, makes me who I am. It was kind of strengthened by my “American Woman,” tour which was all about feminism and women’s lives in America and in the world. All these projects kind of grew out of that.

We all know that food is another passion of yours, and you were on an episode of Hulu’s original new series Eater’s Guide to the World. How much fun was that?
That was so much fun! Basically, I just got to do what I always do. I went and did a drag show with a bunch of my lady friends, and then we went out to dinner. The only difference was that a Hulu camera team was following us and finding out exactly what these queens do after dark. It was a blast.

What are some of your favorite food dishes?
Obviously, love latkes. I love bagels and lox, fettuccine alfredo. Basically, if it’s cheese and carb together, those are my things. I mean, my original name comes from brie on a cracker. That is my favorite snack.

Do you have any guilty pleasure foods?
I think all the foods I eat are guilty pleasure foods [laughs]. In quarantine, I have gained my COVID 15, if you will. Everything makes me feel guilty now.

I would like to ask you a couple questions about coming back to RuPaul’s Drag Race for All Stars 5. What was your overall experience like?
It was great. Especially towards the end when I was working with Shea, Juju, Blair, and Alexis. Like, you are working with powerhouses all the time. It’s like going to a master class in drag, and I love that.

Did you feel more prepared, or did you find it much more challenging?
I felt more prepared because I knew how high the bar was, and I was ready to deliver. I had trained myself to live with my nerves and not be troubled by them.

We know you have experienced a lot of self-doubt and self-confidence issues in the past. Has Drag Race helped you over that?
Yeah, I think Drag Race has taught me that you can have self-doubt and worries about self-confidence and still be amazing. You do not have to get rid of your self-doubt in order to do incredible things. You just have to ignore it.

A couple episodes tried to pain you as the villain. What are your thoughts on that?
I think that it is so important to know that the girls on every season have a sisterhood that goes beyond the show. If you really are a fan of drag queens, you will see the way that they come together and love each other as a family when a season is done. I think that is what happened for us.

If asked to compete for a third time, would you do it?
Right now, I would perform in a Walmart parking lot for $20 because this quarantine has me shaking! Yes, if I were asked to do another All Stars, I would do it.

Which challenge was your favorite?
My favorite challenge for All Stars 5 was probably the cookout challenge because I love making stuff, and it just comes naturally to me. It was one of those things where I’m like, I don’t feel terror. I know I can do this. That was a lot of fun for me.

Before we wrap up, what’s next for Miz Cracker?
I want to turn “She’s a Woman” into a new stand up career where I am branching out of drag and into mainstream standup and comedy. It’s time.

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