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Don’t Compare Liana Conway to Taylor Swift – Album Review

I really don’t want to compare Liana Conway to Taylor Swift. The similarities are there, they’re young, talented, singer song writing females in the country music genre. The comparisons begin and end there. Taylor Swift’s music is more in the pop side of country while Liana Conway is more on the bluesy side of country. I prefer Conway, not because I have to for this review, but because I prefer the bluesier side of country music to the pop side. I prefer the bluesier side of all music to the pop side. That said, my 4 year old prefers Taylor Swift, so it’s all subjective.

Liana Conway is great with words. She can sing about some of the simplest things and make it sound poetic, important and credible. The music is great too, but it’s the words that will win you over and she’s only 20 years old. Everything about Liana Conway is real and authentic. She’s pretty, but not over the top to the point where she looks fake. Her voice is perfect for what she does. She doesn’t have crazy range that distracts from the song and she doesn’t need auto tune. Her songs are great, they are easy on the ears, but they’re not over the top cheesy pop song that are popular today but forgotten tomorrow. Conway is the type of artist that could have a long and healthy career. Her songs are timeless; they could exist in any generation of country music.

Liana is the real deal. If you’re into singer songwriters, then I think you should give Liana Conway’s new album “Sunrise” a chance. It was released this week, so definitely go check it out. I’ll end this review with a quote from Liana herself, “The most important thing for me is to be real…This is who I am. This is what I look like. This is how I feel...As long as I’m happy, I’ll consider myself successful.”

-Bob Zerull is the Managing Editor of Zoiks!