Return to David Cook

June 30, 2017
David Cook @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago
David Cook gives Chicago the Heartbreak!
By Anita Lande Brodersen 

Fans of David Cook anxiously waited for him to take stage at the packed Lincoln Hall Theatre in David Cook, who was the American Idol winner on season seven in 2008, started the show with his band performing rock hitter “Kiss & Tell”.  While his technical team tried desperately to get a video presentation working during his songs, it just would not launch, but really not a big issue since his fans really wanted to rock out with him and his band.  Breaking into “Heroes” next was a definitive crowd favorite with his soaring vocals and the crowd singing back “All these heroes come and go, but you’re still standing!”  Other songs performed included “Declaration”, “Light On”, “Laying Me Low”, and the passionate “Come Back to Me”.  Cook’s vocals are simply immense and intense. 

David Cook

He takes ownership of each song and soars each one to a new level. Speaking of new – he introduced his brand new song “Gimme Heartbreak” which has touches of blues and a heavy groove feel. Slightly different than his known style but it still has those catchy lyrics that was approved by his Chicago fan base.

David Cook has sold over five million tracks worldwide including an album and two singles that have been certified Platinum. His new single is now available on all digital platforms, he has an extensive tour schedule, and look for a new EP soon!

Currently on tour, check out his official site at: