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Gimme Heartbreak, David Cook is coming!

  • Nov 8, 2018

Singer-songwriter and American Idol winner David Cook will appear at City Winery in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

According to David Cook’s bio: “After a decade of cutting his teeth in the trenches of the Midwest music scene, David Cook immediately launched to stardom following his American Idol Season 7 win – breaking several Billboard chart records when 14 of his songs debuted on the Hot Digital Songs chart and 11 of his songs debuted on the Hot 100. Cook has since gone on to sell more than 2 million albums (including his platinum-certified eponymous album) and, collectively, more than 5 million tracks (including two platinum-certified singles) worldwide. After a move to Nashville, TN, David continued to find success, not only for himself (his 2015 studio album, ‘Digital Vein,’ debuted in the top 5 on the Billboard Pop Chart), but also as a writer for other artists. Cook continues to tour throughout the world in support of his multiple hits. 2018 brought an exciting new EP from Cook – ‘Chromance,’ featuring the single ‘Gimme Heartbreak’ – and also marked David’s Broadway debut, starring as Charlie Price in the Tony Award-winning Broadway hit musical ‘Kinky Boots.’ And this fall, Cook kicks off a highly-anticipated Acoustic Tour and releases his first new music since starring on Broadway with his single, ‘Death of Me. ‘“

Why did you decide to move to Nashville?

COOK: It’s the best of both worlds for us. Feels more like home, but the infrastructure’s there for me to work in the music industry still.

How has your experience been writing for other singers? Is there anyone on your bucket list to write for?

COOK: The experience has been great. It’s fun to get to step outside the parameters of my own stuff, and wear a different hat.

Looking back at your experience on Broadway, do you see yourself doing more?

COOK: I hope so! I really enjoyed the process. It’s a completely different organism, so to get to immerse myself in that for awhile was such a fun experience.

What is the story behind your new single “Death of Me"?

COOK: “Death Of Me” was written after coming home from my last Broadway run. I wanted to put something together for the acoustic tour we’re on right now. It was actually written and recorded, and essentially finished within a few days, which I think gives it energy and urgency.

Tell me more about the ethereal mid-tempo spin on the Phil Collins classic, "Another Day in Paradise."

COOK: The Phil Collins cover came out of me just nodding in my studio at home. I started almost unconsciously playing the chord progression, and immediately got excited about the vibe of it, and felt like the message/theme of the song seemed pertinent to right now.