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Broadway "Idol": David Cook hopes "Kinky Boots" role allows fans to see him "in a different light"

American Idol season seven champ David Cook is the latest Idol alum to hit Broadway. Tonight, he makes his debut in the Tony-winning musical Kinky Boots.  David's thrilled to be part of such a great show...if only he didn't have to dance.

"I have a pretty big social phobia about dancing that probably stems from doing group numbers on Idol," he laughs. "If I could get away with the singing and acting and then popping a shot of whiskey before I had to dance in front of people, I'd probably be better off!  But yeah, it's a fear I'm attempting to tackle."

In Kinky Boots, David stars as Charlie Price, who inherits a failing shoe factory from his dad.  He forms an unlikely partnership with a drag queen named Lola, played by Wayne Brady, and finds a new line of business in making and selling sexy boots for male drag performers. 

"The challenge...and the privilege of getting to tell this story were certainly big factors...for me," David tells ABC Radio about choosing Kinky Boots for his debut.  He also hopes it'll "allow people who have followed me to see me in a different light."

But ultimately, David says he wanted to be a part of Kinky Boots' message of acceptance and inclusion.

"In a world that's become increasingly 'red team' and 'blue team,' there's a ton of colors in between there, and so to get to be a part of a show that really embraces the million shades of gray that exist between black and white...I mean, that's huge," he explains.

As for the show's signature thigh-high sequinned boots, David laughs, "I have to wear the boots for 15-20 minutes a night -- poor Wayne Brady has to wear them the whole show!"