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ARTIST ALERT: Liana Conway

October 27, 2011 - 6:38pm

Meet Liana Conway - an up and coming artist with an affinity towards words and the poetry that can be made when stringing them together. Fanlala recently got a chance to sit down with this twenty-year-old singer and learn a bit more about her!

Fanlala: When did you first start singing?

Liana Conway: Pretty much since before I knew words and made up my own! I used to sit in the backseat of my dad’s truck and sing along to his oldies when I was little. I was in an A cappella group in high school, and when I learned to play guitar at 16, I started writing and singing my own music.

F: What would you say your sound is like?

LC: Pop infused with jazz and blues!

F: Who are your biggest influences?

LC: Fleetwood Mac, Ryan Adams, Michelle Branch, James Taylor, and Jack’s Mannequin.

F: What was it like filming the 'Beautiful Day' music video?

LC: Magical. I felt like I was in a fairytale. The entire crew was so talented. I never knew how much goes into filming a video…it takes a lot of people! My favorite part was filming the bike scenes. I got to ride behind this van that had a camera (and crew) hanging out the back…and the scenery in Carlsbad, CA was just beautiful…rolling hills and ocean…I could have stayed there forever!

F: What was it like working with Parker Young from Suburgatory?

LC: Such a pleasure! He was an absolute sweetheart. We had so much fun. Check him out Wednesdays on ABC!

F: Any plans to work on an album soon?

LC: I am constantly making sense of things I go through with writing, so as soon as we’re ready for round two I should have plenty of material! For now, I am focusing on Sunrise, my debut album, and getting that out there. It has a lot to say.

F: Besides singing, what do you like to do?

LC: I love hanging with my family, playing with my little teacup puppy Benji, swapping music with my friends, having life chats, midnight runs at the gym, going on my boat, and watching the history channel with my Dad.

F: What's a hidden talent that you have?

LC: I can do handstands for a really long time!

F: How can fans keep up with what your doing?

LC: Three ways! I tweet updates, pictures, and videos all the time, and especially will be these next few months while I’m out on my radio tour. Follow me--@lianaconway! My facebook page is also a great way to check out any new music or videos, and also write me a message…I always respond to my fans!

My website, has a more detailed blog where I talk about my crazy life and what I’ve been up to. My full album, Sunrise, is also streaming live there. Check it out :)