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Laughing in Color: Margaret Cho on Pushing the Boundaries of the Comedy World


December 20, 2019

For our series “Laughing In Color,” we’re speaking with women of color who have made their mark in the comedy world.

Stand up comedian and actor Margaret Cho has pushed the boundaries of comedy for a long time. In the early '90s, she was given her own ABC sitcom “All American Girl”, but the network’s narrow minded vision of what a show centered around an Asian American family should look like ended up constraining Cho during it’s two seasons on air.

She enjoyed a successful decades long career as a comedian, but when she was starting out, there were almost no other Asian American women that she crossed paths with in the comedy scene. In a piece published on NBC News earlier this year, she mentioned “the loneliness of being the only Asian American woman out there” doing stand up in the '80s. 

Cho has been an active part of a debate that’s dominating the comedy world today: are there topics that comedians just shouldn’t joke about? We talked to Margaret about this and more as part of our new series, Laughing in Color.

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