Margaret Cho Reports For Duty On The Comedy Beat

The edgy comic pays tribute to Joan Rivers, returns to E!'s Fashion Police, and talks about touring Australia in September.

Aug 19, 2016 Cynthia Wang and Nicholas Fonseca

It's been almost two years since Queen of the Roast Joan Rivers died and comedian Margaret Cho wishes she were here dish on celebrities, politics and well, "everything!"

As Cho, 47, returns to the Fashion Police force in a new season premiering Aug. 30 on E!, she tells WHO of Rivers, "a day doesn't go by that I don't think about or notice something she would have commented on or talked about. She was always thinking about what she could do, and her work ethic was really admirable, as was her friendship and grace."

Among the Fashion Police suspects Cho would have loved Rivers to interrogate are actors Kate and Mara Rooney. "They're just kind of like brunette Olson twins," Cho says. "Fortunately, the show carries on in her memory and we really do honour it. It's something very much true to what her vision was and I'm just grateful for that. I'm trying to do what she would have done."

One thing Cho is doing is taking on taboo topics such as sexual abuse and rape in her latest standup shows, part of The Psycho Tour coming through Australia in September.

"They are very difficult topics," Cho says, "and it's where no comic has gone, especially when such a big comic has fallen down. Bill Cosby is sort of the epitome of American comedy, and the equivalent of your Rolf Harris or Jimmy Savile in the UK. So there's a lot of focus on trying to find some healing and laughter around that, but knowing that if you kind of get rid of [them], pulling these predators our of the shadows and shining a light on them, they really lose their power."