Margaret Cho slays redemption show on 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'


Margaret Cho is getting the last laugh.

On Thursday's episode of Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, host and creator Jerry Seinfeld rolled out the red carpet for his guest — seriously, the 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sport had red carpeting and houndstooth seats.

The two met in 1988, and Seinfeld's praise of Cho's "unique point of view" and prediction she would be "very successful" in the industry really impacted her career.

"I wanna cry," Cho said recounting the story. "I remember your set was so tremendous and so exciting, and then for you to say that to me, it's made everything possible."

But it was Cho's jokes about sexual abuse, and a sub sandwich she ate before the show, that might've contributed to an off night at the Stress Factory Comedy Club on March 26.

Over americanos, Cho told Seinfeld that she thinks sexual abuse should be talked about. "If you can actually take the silence away you take away predators," she said. "They have nowhere to hide. Every time I talk about it, my rapist is super scared. 'She's gonna say the name. She's gonna say my name.' It's revenge."

But not everyone at the comedy club in New Brunswick, New Jersey back in March got Cho's humor. So she decided to do a makeup show for the audience. Seinfeld volunteered to open for her, and both sets garnered rounds of thunderous applause.

You can stream this episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee here.