Margaret Cho Exclusive Q&A

We were lucky enough to get a chance to talk to the wonderful Margaret Cho, the Woman, the Comic, the Legend.

We got the chance to catch up with the American comedian Margaret Cho ahead of her 'Fresh off the Bloat' tour around Europe later this year. Her provactive and brazen style of humour has earned her three Grammy and Emmy nominations and led her to conquer nearly all fields of entertainment, from film to television, books, music and theatre!

1. Your signature impersonations of your Mother are hilarious, and then your Father also worked in the comedy business, right? Would you say they’ve had a big impact on your own style of comedy?

Yes for sure. They're both very funny people and they love what I do. They're pretty unshakable - they're never offended by anything!

2. As someone who is both active on screen and on stage, what the major differences between TV and stand-up as a comedian?

It's the lifestyle - comedy is late nights and TV is early mornings - so it's difficult to do both at once. Stand-up is raw and uncensored - at least the best comedy is! TV is about working with others to create something great. I enjoy both tremendously!

3. It’s fantastic to see someone like yourself representing so many minorities in comedy and succeeding, do you have any advice for women, Koreans, or the LGBTQ+ community trying to make it out there?

Thank you! Just get out there and do it! There's so many ways to get your work out there! Social media is amazing and a great place to start.

4. You’ll be going all over Europe for this ‘Fresh Off the Bloat’ tour, do you enjoy being on the road or do you pine for home?

I love traveling, and that's always been a big part of my work. I can be on the road for years. I'm a real citizen of the world and I will always be.

5. What can we expect to see in the show? Will we hear any of your music?

Lots of talk about Trump, whitewashing, fights with Tulsa Swinton, rehab and how my family coped during the AIDS crisis. No music this time - there's just so much to talk about!

Thanks so much for catching up with us, Margaret! Find tickets to her tour 'Fresh Off the Bloat' down below.