10 questions with a local: Margaret Cho on growing up in SF

By Beth Spotswood, San Francisco Chronicle

Published 4:12 am, Friday, February 10, 2017

Each week we ask a San Franciscan 10 questions to get a unique perspective on the city. 

Q: Have you ever been disappointed by meeting one of your heroes? Who?

MC: I can't say but never meet your heroes!

Margaret Cho started stealing scenes as a student at San Francisco School of the Arts, and the comedian has remained in the spotlight ever since. A San Francisco native, Cho's been the star of her own sitcom, appeared as Kim Jong-Un on "30 Rock," authored two books, recorded music albums, dated celebrities, sold-out comedy tours, hosted comedy specials, and was deputized to perform marriages in San Francisco. Her vast body of work and activism, not to mention hometown street cred, is why we've chosen Margaret Cho to kick off the first in our "10 Questions" series.

Never one to shy away from controversy, Cho recently found herself on the receiving end of an email from movie star Tilda Swinton, who wanted Cho to explain why some Asians were offended that Swinton was given the role of "The Ancient One" in "Doctor Strange." The email exchange and Cho's reaction sparked a conversation on race, feminism, and Hollywood. Last year, Cho returned to the scene of a major stand-up bomb and bravely gave the audience a make-up performance. She even got Jerry Seinfeld to open for her.

Her honesty and humor about everything from her parents selling porn on Polk Street to childhood sexual abuse has made Margaret Cho a pioneer in the comedy world and a truly authentic San Franciscan.