Funny gal Cho comes Fresh Off The Bloat

Posted on 6 April 2018 

Asian-American funny lady Margaret Cho will be giving Malaysians a taste of her razor sharp wit in a show, as part of her Fresh off the Bloat tour, presented by LOL Events, at the HGH Convention Centre on May 11.

Named as one of Rolling Stone magazine’s 50 best stand-up comics of all time, the 49-year-old Cho continues to tackle difficult subjects with sensitivity in her most compelling stand-up comedy show to date.

The show will give an insight to her take on addiction, abuse, activism, and Asianness. It will also be all about the politics of disgust and what is disgusting about politics.

Cho (right) shares about the title of the show in a statement: “My grandmother once said to me: ‘You look bloated, as if you’ve been found dead in a lake after several days of searching’. Koreans are the most savage of all the Asians.”

Her new show is reported to be inspired by her reawakening after experiencing a bout of addiction and depression.

In every segment of her life, Cho is honest, forthright, passionate, uproarious, and always entertaining.

LOL Events CEO Rizal Kamal is quoted as saying: “Margaret Cho is known for being one of the most exciting, unpredictable stand-up comics working.

“Cho’s material, given today’s social climate, remains just as enthralling, thanks in part to – and sometimes, in spite of – her unapologetic delivery.

“We can’t wait to see how the Malaysian audience will react to her.”

Tickets for the show are now on sale via the Ticketpro Malaysia website. For more, visit the LOL Events website and Facebook page.