Richard meets… Margaret Cho

An accomplished performer in all formats, Margaret Cho could be called the “Queen of all Media” having conquered the worlds of film, television, books, music and theatre.

She has five Grammy Award nominations and one Emmy nod for her groundbreaking work on 30 Rock. Never one to shy away from a difficult or ‘taboo’ topic, her socially aware brand of stand-up comedy has made her both a thought leader as well as a teacher to those with open minds and open hearts. 

In 2017, Rolling Stone magazine named one of the 50 Best Stand-Up Comics calling her “the sort of funny, sex-positive feminist and LGBT activist younger comics continue to look up to.

Equally as important as her creative side is the causes she is passionate about. Margaret is widely recognized for her charitable work with gay rights and anti-bullying campaigns. In every segment of her life, Margaret is honest, forthright, passionate, uproarious and always entertaining.

I got the chance to catch up with her during her current tour. 

RJ: Margaret welcome, thank you for joining us and congratulations on the new Podcast, “The Margaret Cho”. What made you create it?

MC: I really love podcasts and I wanted to create one that I would love to listen to! It’s such a fun platform and you can get really creative with it. It’s like sitting in my living room with close friends and making new friends.

RJ: We see you have Jonathan Van Ness and Katie Malia on your first show, how was that?

MC: Amazing. jonathan is a good friend and it’s so exciting to catch up with him and all that has happened in his amazing career. he is the best. katie is an incredible writer/dancer/ comedian – everything! I am producing her show “Almost Asian” which is a comedic take on the bi-racial experience. she is so funny and cool. 

RJ: Who do you have coming up as guests on the show?

MC: lots and lots! Kat von D, Lucas Peterson, Drew Droege, Robin Tran, Jo Koy – lots of really fab artists and entertainers.

RJ: Who’s been the funniest guest you’ve had so far?

MC: I absolutely love Jonathan van Ness. He is so naturally hilarious and has so many interesting and intense stories. We have a long history from the days of him doing my hair. I love him! 

RJ: You recently Exec Produced Mercy Mistress, are you keen to produce more TV or film?

MC: Yes, I have been doing a lot more development and producing – which is something I really want to do more of. It’s so different to approach projects from behind the scenes. I find it very gratifying and another way to creatively express myself. 

RJ: In the current climate, what stories do think need to be told?

MC: All our truth needs to come out. Everything about queerness and survival. We need to move past the bigotry and racism and sexism and homophobia. 

RJ: Are you concerned that the clock appears to be turning back on equal rights? 

MC: Yes and it proves that we just have to continue fighting. 

RJ: As a famous LGBTQ face, do you find there is pressure on you to stand up on behalf of the Community in the current climate?

MC:  Yes and it’s very important for me to stand up for what I believe in. As a queer woman of color, it’s vital for me to continue to be seen and heard as an active and vocal member of my community. 

RJ: You recently hit the big 5-0, is life as an LGBTQ person what you expected it to be at this age?

MC: Everything just gets better, bigger and brighter. Better in every way. 

RJ: How do you feel LGBTQ people over 40 are portrayed in the media?

MC: I think we are looked at as the elders and I love that. We need to step into that role!

RJ: What’s next for you? What do you have coming up?

MC: So many things! Lots of podcasting, touring and some new projects in the works I can’t discuss yet but lots is happening!  I’ll be on The Today Show on September 27.

Catch Margaret live on her current tour in the USA and in Europe in November & December