Los Angeles, CA – December 6, 2016 -  Emmy nominated comedian Margaret Cho has been nominated for her fifth career Grammy nomination in the Best Comedy Album category today for her latest studio album, American Myth. American Myth  is the follow-up to her 2010 Grammy nominated debut album Cho Dependent and is Margaret’s first new music in over 6 years via her Clownery Records label.  To order click here: .

I'm thrilled to receive this nomination and I share this honor with Garrison Starr and Roger Rocha and all the other artists who contributed to this album. Also it's going to be a blast to be on the red carpet reporting on all the fashions first hand as an undercover (sort of) officer for Fashion Police! – Margaret Cho

You can view all four videos off the album below; “Anna Nicole,” “Ron’s Got a DUI,” “Fat Pussy” and the controversial “(I Want To) Kill My Rapist.”  
Anna Nicole” -
Ron’s Got a DUI” –
Fat Pussy” –
(I Want To) Kill My Rapist” -

 “I am extremely proud to release American Myth. This is an album of anthems and showcases my first efforts as a composer. I made it with my longtime collaborator Garrison Starr and an incredible and inspiring crew of artists. It is my glamorous and glittering tribute to family, comedy, anger, fame, gayness, grief, fat pride, love and hate. “ – Margaret Cho

American Myth Song info:


The following songs were written in Atlanta, Los Angeles and on the road, and recorded in Koreatown with Garrison Starr.

Come with Me -
I wrote this song to honor my own past as a sex worker, and to bring love and caring to a profession that is often misunderstood and vilified. It's what Mary Magdelene would have said to Jesus and vice versa. 

Ron’s Got a DUI -
My favorite love song to all the gay men I have loved and now miss - for a generation of beautiful people we have lost to AIDS - it's a tribute and an anthem to love and loss.
Moran and Miiri  - I also wrote this song on my own, which is about Korean names and 60s immigration. I did some shows with Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche and his wife's name is Miiri which is close to my Korean name Moran. This track was also produced in LA by Garrison Starr. 

Daddy I Miss You -
A song for fathers, mine and everyone's. 

Georgia Sky -
My only true hate song, as complex and thunderous and overwhelming as love can be, so is hate. 

Fat Pussy -
My fat pride anthem, which is a glorious and joyous celebration of my body and all female fatness - a love song to my fat.

Beautiful in L.A. -
I have always wanted to cover this song, by the amazing Garrison Starr, and she helped me to reinvent it with her stellar production. It's got a real dark swing, bringing in the film noir history of LA into the light. 

Anna Nicole  -

This is a wonderful collaboration with Garrison Starr and it's a requiem for Anna Nicole Smith that is as beautiful and quirky as she was. It's my version of Candle in the wind, and about the archetype of someone who is too good for this world that exists in all of us. 

Gentleman Jim - I wrote this one on my own when I was in Altanta and recorded with Garrison Starr  in Los Angeles. Garrison produced the track. I wanted an old fashioned country track with lap steel and a rise then a descent in the melody. It's kind of a longer 70s country fantasy song, something you could sing on Hee Haw. 

Topaz -  is by Edward Herda with my lyrics. I met a young sessions saxophone player in Austin named Topaz. He lived in a gold trailer and he was just perfectly a song in human form. Production again by Garrison Starr in Los Angeles. 

Bonus Tracks:
I Wanna Kill My Rapist  -
I wanted to have a song that expressed cathartic rage, with the purpose of murdering the memory of sexual abuse so it stops hurting the one who remembers. It's an anthem to healing and the power of anger.
We So Worry -  
I wrote this song with the wonderful artist Bitch for my parents, and they sing on it! They were extremely nervous, but they are also musicians and complete showbiz professionals so of course they did a great job. This was written and recorded in LA at Ben Lee's studio 

Margaret returns to tv as special co-host on “Fashion Police” on E! Monday, January 9  at 8 p ET/PT with coverage of the Golden Globe Awards and and will also continue to tour with her ever evolving stand-up comedy show throughout 2016 and 2017.  She will continue to tackle difficult subjects with sensitivity and razor sharp insight. A pioneer amongst women in comedy, Margaret doesn’t take anything for granted. “It’s a wonderful thing to be known as a ‘safe haven’ for people who feel disenfranchised. The audience at my shows don’t necessarily consider themselves traditional comedy fans. I seem to be a secure alternative for people who don’t think they’re being represented in society. They come because my point of view satisfies a lot of what needs to be said out there, and that makes me really proud.” 

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