Margaret Cho talks Calgary fashion

And also stand up, politics, diversity and more important stuff

Comedian Margaret Cho performs in Calgary on Nov. 19 at Arts Commons.


Comedian Margaret Cho performs in Calgary on Nov. 19 at Arts Commons.

By:  Metro Published on Fri Oct 28 2016

Margaret Cho is up to a ton of stuff.

This year she’s released an album, co-hosted Fashion Police, done critiques on LGBTQ and race issues, campaigned for Hilary Clinton and created a new stand up show, which she’ll be bringing to Calgary on Nov. 19.

But before we get to all that, she wants to talk about sewing.

And Calgary fashion.

See, Cho learned how to sew from her mom, who used to make her outfits as a little girl. She then started making her own clothes – and even had her own clothing line for a hot minute – so fashion has always been a passion.

She’d love to have her own lingerie line.

“To showcase the body and show off women’s curves,” she said. “Make lingerie accessible and beautiful for women of all sizes.”

Calgary, she feels, is ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. At least it was the last time she passed through town, which was six years ago.

“I was shopping in some beautiful boutiques, and I bought a genius military coat by Gary Graham,” she recalled. “This is before military became a big thing – now it’s a big thing – so Calgary was six years ahead.”

Being an expert of fashion, Metro asked her for tips to stay warm and wonderful this winter.

Naturally she recommended layering – it looks good, and helps for temperature changes through the day – and also camel coats for women are really great right now.

She recommends spending on a good coat, but there’s no need to splurge on accessories.

“Accessories you can always find at a lower price point, but you can’t go wrong with a beautiful scarf, cashmere or even cotton, to keep the wind off your neck,” she said.

It’s a great time for her to be in Canada as well – Cho feels Asian representation in media is going strong now with shows like Fresh Off The Boat, Dr. Ken and Master of None. Now she’s excited to see the Canadian Kim’s Convenience.

For her stand up, Cho promises brand new material, focused on election, sexual abuse (especially around Jian Ghomeshi) and a bit of honesty about getting older.

Margaret Cho performs only for one night in Calgary. For more information, visit