Women We Love: Margaret Cho’s comedic style is ‘going too far’

APRIL 24, 2018

As the month of May rolls around, we chat with comedian Maragaret Cho about her brand of aggressive comedy, political correctness, and free speech ahead of her Asia tour.

A lot of standup comedians often balance the fine line between offensive and funny. How far do you push the boundaries of writing controversial comedy?

I think you have to try to get as far as you can without going over the line but I often go too far. It’s become a style – going too far! I just embrace it.

How much did the ABC sitcom Fresh off the Boat inspire your latest comedy show?

I had the first Asian American TV show and now we have this very successful Asian American show and it took over 20 years to get there! So the shows title celebrates this.

What are your thoughts on the rising tide of social media political correctness, and how it affects free speech in standup comedy?

I think it’s a culture of outrage that is interesting because it does serve an important purpose in allowing more voices to be heard. I welcome it.

Your favourite type of comedy is…

All kinds!

What is one thing you wished someone told you before you started standup?

Don’t worry so much.

Separate the comedy from the comedian, what do you get?

A tired traveling salesman.

Catch Margaret Cho as she presents her standup comedy show Fresh off the Bloat this May.

DATE | 11 May 2018, Friday

TIME | 8.30 PM 

VENUE | HGH Convention Centre

TICKETS* | RM130 – RM250 TicketPro Malaysia