Frontiers Exclusive: Margaret Cho Premieres Her New Video for ‘Come With Me’

She celebrates sex work and workers in her new video, premiering right here


May 24, 2016 :: 3:38 AM

Musician and comedian Margaret Cho pays tribute to her own past as a sex worker in her latest single, ‘Come With Me’, and doesn’t shy away from that in the accompanying video, which Frontiers is proud to exclusively premiere today.

The track, the opening number from her new album American Myth, is a bit of a celebration of sex work, something Cho herself has some experience with. She used to work for a phone sex hotline – while simultaneously holding down a day job playing Raggedy Ann at FAO Schwarz, as she told Seth Meyers last week.

“I wrote this song to honor my own past as a sex worker, and to bring love and caring to a profession that is often misunderstood and vilified,” Cho says. “It’s what Mary Magdalene would have said to Jesus and vice versa.”

That carries through to the video, a pretty sweet affair in which Cho takes a sex worker out on the town for the day. It’s fun, carefree, and totally charming. Check it out right here: