By Michael Shinafelt

Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Yellow Bitches In The Driver's Seat"

We Got That Bomb Pussy
Awkwafina & Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho. Awkwafina. Green Tea.
Any Questions???

The Rapper and Comedian collaborate for a NSFW anthem Green Tea in celebration of womanhood and Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

"I remember watching Margaret Cho with my grandmother on TV. She was my hero, not only because she was funny, but because she showed me that it's okay to be yourself, that it's okay to be a brash yellow girl, and to be a strong and brave woman. To collab with her is a dream come true, but larger than that, there has rarely been two Asian AMERICAN WOMEN being ratchet together, or just being in a music video. This song is a tongue and cheek take on traditional stereotypes, with a strong underlying message for all young women of color to embrace their quirkiness, their sexuality, their inner-child and their creativity with passion. I love Margaret, and I hope some young girl (but not too young) watches this video and it inspires them somehow. Stay angry!" -Awkwafina

"I'm so grateful to work with Awkwafina and this song and video was such fun! It was incredibly natural and easy - as if the song had been already written and we were just channeling it! Awkwafina is the future!" - Margaret Cho

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